Deep Time Project

The 15 participants lived in the Lombrives cave in south-west France with no phones, clocks or sunlight. They slept in tents, made their own electricity, and had no contact with the outside world. The project aimed to test how people respond to losing their sense of time and space. During their isolation, the group had to organise tasks without being able to use a measure of time to create deadlines. Instead, they had to rely on their body clocks and sleep cycles to structure their days. In the cave, they had few modern comforts at their disposal. For example, volunteers had to generate their own electricity with a pedal bike and draw water from a well 45 m (146 ft) below the earth.

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  • Banni Grasslands
    Recently PM Narendra Modi addressed UN High-Level Dialogue. In his speech he emphasized on Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought, PM Modi has quoted the example of Banni Grasslands of Gujarat where the highly degraded region was being restored and the livelihoods of pastoralists supported using a novel approach. Key points Banni Grassland is one of […]
  • कार्बन सीमा समायोजन यंत्र(Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism)
    कार्बन सीमा समायोजन यंत्र(Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) हाल ही में यूरोपीय यूनियन ने जलवायु परिवर्तन के वैश्विक खतरे से निपटने के लिए कार्बन सीमा सामायोजन यंत्र की शुरुआत की. ध्यातव्य है कि यह पहल कम महत्वाकांक्षी पर्यावरणीय लक्ष्यों वाले अन्य देशों को मूल्य लाभ प्रदान करेगा। सीबीएएम कल (14 जुलाई) प्रस्तुत तेरह प्रस्तावों में से […]
  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
    Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Recently the European union launache  Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Notably, the European Green Deal sets out a clear path towards realising the EU’s ambitious target of a 55% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels by 2030, and to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050.  What is the Carbon Border […]
  • जम्मू और कश्मीर में परिसीमन (Delimitation in Jammu and and Kashmir)
    जम्मू और कश्मीर में परिसीमन (Delimitation in Jammu and and Kashmir) वर्तमान में जम्मू और कश्मीर (J & K) में जम्मू- कश्मीर पुनर्गठन अधिनियम- 2019 के तहत परिसीमन की प्रक्रिया चल रही है। गौरतलब है कि भरतीय प्रधानमंत्री ने वर्ष 2020 के स्वतंत्रता दिवस के भाषण में कहा था कि जम्मू-कश्मीर में पहले परिसीमन होगा, […]
  • Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir
    Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir Recently delimitation exercise has started in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Earlier,the Union government’s invitation to 14 key political leaders from Jammu and Kashmir for a meeting with the Prime Minister in the national capital this week has led to speculation about possible scheduling of the Assembly elections. It is worth mentioning here […]
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